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Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur:

One of the main prerequisites to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur is having a sound and solid real estate investing education. You need to have a sound and solid real estate investing education to back you up as you pursue the various deals and opportunities that exist in the market place. Without adequate training you will inevitably leave a great deal of money on the table because of your lack of knowledge.

For example, if you only know how to do lease options you will miss out on making money from doing short sales, wholesaling, retailing or deals involving owner financing. The bottom line is you need to be fully trained in order to excel and prosper at the real estate investing game. Does that make sense to you? I certainly hope so.

Another important prerequisite to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur is you must become a marketer of your real estate business. That's what it comes down to. If you are in business, you need to make this shift in your thinking.

No business is going to prosper without a lot of customers. Making this shift in thinking about who you are focuses you on the singularly most important and financially rewarding aspect of business--marketing. MARKETING drives the business. It is the fuel that produces the leads and prospects you need to sustain and thrive in your business. Without it you are like a car without gas, you are not going anywhere.

Trust me, you can know 100 different ways to buy a house but it all means absolutely nothing if you don't know how to get motivated sellers in front of you so that you can construct and present your offers, get them accepted, and then find and attract motivated buyers to cash you out so that you can make a boatload of cash. So as you can clearly see you must be trained in marketing if that is your weakness.

However, the type of training I'm talking about doesn't have anything to do with ordinary marketing because if it's ordinary then everyone else is doing it including your competition. The type of marketing you need training in will give you an unfair advantage over your competition and I refer to it as Renegade Stealth Marketing™.

Renegade Stealth Marketing™ is not your ordinary everyday marketing. It is a unique style of marketing that is extraordinary, produces amazing and phenomenal results and is known and practiced by only a few savvy real estate entrepreneurs.

Your training in Renegade Stealth Style Marketing will be the equivalent of the specialized training that Green Berets receive in the army and must undergo in order to become elite special forces soldiers. But instead of you parachuting from airplanes, scaling 100 ft walls, and knife fighting in the wilderness, you will be trained by me the ultimate coach, renegade stealth marketer and real estate investor 1 on 1 over the telephone in the comforts of your own home.

Not only will I will train and mentor you on how to market the hell out of your real estate business but I will teach you how to make money using the following creative real estate investing strategies:

Lease Options
Straight Options
Seller Financing
"Subject To"
Short Sales

Plus I will show you step by step how to fill out all the necessary contracts, agreements, and paperwork associated with doing these types of deals


You will also learn how to form multiple LLC's and land trusts because you should never ever buy a property in your own name or do business in your own name.

My coaching and mentoring program is not a one size fits all approach because basically it's your choice where you want to start and what areas you would like to cover. You can focus on only the areas you need training in. For example, if you already feel that you are skilled enough doing lease options and you want to be trained how to do short sales or wholesaling you can do that because the coaching program is very flexible and is designed to fulfill your specific need. Or you can simply choose to go through the entire program which I highly recommend.

In fact here's a step-by-step run down of the entire coaching program:

  • Step 1 – You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of operating your business out of the various business structures (LLC, Corporation, etc). And you will be trained how to create an LLC by yourself so that you can create many of them if you want for your business.
  • Step 2 - Create A Lead Generating Autopilot System – You will learn how to market your real estate business and create the tools you need to find and attract motivated sellers and buyers.
  • Step 3 - Lease Option/Optioning houses - You will learn how to control houses with little money (just a binder deposit) and make a boatload of cash. We will go over how to fill out the contracts step-by-step and scripts which include potential objections by the seller and how you will respond. You will also go over how to make offers and the ways in which you will profit. You will also learn how to quickly create a buyer's list for lease options/options so that you can quickly get rid of your inventory.
  • Step 4 - Create a Land Trust - You should never buy a property in your own name. I will show you how to create a Land Trust from scratch step by step and how to buy and sell properties from them. We will fully go over all of the necessary paperwork and procedures to establish a land trust.
  • Step 5 - Seller Financing - We will thoroughly go over how to buy properties using seller financing which simply means that the seller carries financing for some part or all of the purchase. In addition I show you how to buy a property "subject to" the existing mortgage. I will show you how you how to construct and present offers to sellers and show you the various ways in which you profit.

How to raise cash to pay the seller without using any of your own money!

I will also show you how to easily generate cash if the seller absolutely needs it. For example if the seller needs $15,000 dollars I will show you how to generate that cash using a debt instrument (No money comes out of your pocket!)

How to make a boatload of cash from houses that have liens & judgments!

In this module you will also learn how to fully protect yourself when buying and selling a house. I will also show you how you can make a boatload of money if the seller has liens or judgments on their property. Most investors tend to walk away from problems like this you wont. You will be trained and fully equipped to handle this type of scenario.

  • Step 6 - Short Sales – You will be trained how to execute a short sale deal from beginning to end, how to smoothly work with sellers during the pre-foreclosure process, how to deal with banks, how to structure agreements, make offers and fill out the necessary paperwork to get your short sale deals accepted.
  • Step 7 - Wholesaling - You will learn how to wholesale houses which is the art of finding bargains and passing them to bargain hunters. You will learn how to find the properties, determine the market value using a special formula, locate prospects, construct and present offers.
  • Step 8 – Renegade Stealth Marketing – You will be trained to become a Renegade Stealth Marketer which will give you an absolute unfair advantage over your competition.

So there you have it the nuts and bolts of what you will learn and the many skills that you will acquire through my comprehensive real estate investing coaching program. I know the two questions that are probably burning through your mind right now is who am I and what actually qualifies me to be your coach?

Well, let me introduce myself to you my name is Omar Johnson and I am a real estate investor who has bought and sold over 300 houses and I have trained thousands of students do the same through the various home study courses I have authored.

Here is a list of some of those courses:

What To Say & How To Talk To Sellers In Your Real Estate Transactions

The Real Estate Investor's Guide To Finding Motivated Sellers

Secrets To Making Big Money In Real Estate With Little Cash And No Credit

How To Form And Operate Land Trusts

Private Lending For Real Estate Investors

Create Your Own LLC & Family Limited Partnership

The Secrets Of Where To Find Deals For Your Real Estate Business

Renegade Stealth Marketing For The Savvy Real Estate Entrepreneur

How To Create & Grow A Killer Buyers List For Your Real Estate Business

What To Say To Buyers To Sell Houses Fast!

So obviously there is no need for you to worry, you will be trained and mentored by a real estate pro who knows the ins and outs of the real estate game like you know your ABC's. So are you still contemplating whether you need a coach or not? Well the bottom line is we all need someone who wants to help us to be successful and meet our goals.

Heck, even the great Tiger Woods And Olympic Gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps have Coaches Training them to get them into top-notch shape and ready for battle and so should you!

As your coach I will:

Help you clarify your visions and goals
Help you establish your step-by-step game plan
Help you establish and meet deadlines
Help you evaluate your progress against your goals and vision

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Now that you know about my coaching program and how I will assist you to become a peak performer as a real estate investor, I would like to learn a little bit about you and the goals that you are trying to achieve as a real estate entrepreneur. For Currently I am offering a 1 on 1 One hour Free Consultation please fill out the information form below and I will personally contact you in regards to designing a plan for your specific needs.

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